Visualizing anatomically registered data with brainrender

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nokome 1 year ago Finished


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CC_134_1_ch1inj.obj 1 year ago 3.3MiB
CC_134_2_ch1inj.obj 1 year ago 3.0MiB
Dockerfile 1 year ago 424.0B
T_AVG_brn3c_GFP.obj 1 year ago 4.9MiB
T_AVG_nk1688CGt_GFP.obj 1 year ago 19.9MiB
cell-detect-paper-cells.npy 1 year ago 99.8KiB
elife-65751.ipynb 1 year ago 158.1KiB 1 year ago 1.9MiB
elife-65751.xml 1 year ago 134.2KiB 1 year ago 1.9MiB
index.html 1 year ago 346.7KiB
main.ipynb 1 year ago 145.3KiB
yulins_neuron.stl 1 year ago 34.5MiB
zfish_rois_clusters.h5 1 year ago 248.3KiB